Friday, December 23, 2011

San Francisco Eats

Bi-Rite Creamery

Picture: White- Brown Sugar with ginger and caramel, Orange- Salted Caramel, Brown- Coffee with Toffee bits. 
Thoughts: The salted caramel was THE BEST!! But all the flavors were delicious and there were so many other flavored i wanted to try. Luckily we didn't get stuck in a line, but usually there is a long line and the prices are decent =]

Genki Crepes
Picture: Vanilla Ice cream with Strawberries & Whip Cream Crepe
Thoughts: The crepe is actually really thin! the ice cream was good...I just wish there was more fruit in it. There were so many other crepe combos that sounded delicious as well...def would go back!

Tartine Bakery
 Picture: Morning Bun
Thoughts: it was good....flakey on the outside and somewhat moist on the inside. A hint of orange flavor, but I honestly wouldn't go back just for this...
Picture: Bread Pudding
Thoughts: It was more pudding-like than other bread puddings i've had. Thought it tasted a little too mushy and the berries were very sour. 

Turtle Tower
Picture: Chicken Pho
Thoughts: A must try...not your ordinary beef pho. The broth is very clean and fresh with fat noodles! The restaurant doesn't even carry sriracha or hoisan sauce. They actually get offended if you ask for it. 

Submarine Center
(A small local spot in SF)

Picture: Pastrami Sandwich with cheese, lettuce, avacado, jalapeno, mustard, and their "special" sauce
Thoughts: seriously hands down best pastrami sandwich in Cali!! The meat, sauce, and cheese just melts everything together so well!

Ike's Place-San Francisco (castro)
Picture: I can't remember, but it had halal chicken & jalapeno poppers inside.
Thoughts: If you are in San Francisco, YOU HAVE TO GO TO IKE'S!!! This place was aired on Man Vs. Food. They have sooo many different combos of sandwiches with different things like mozzarella sticks and jalapeno popper inside your bigger and they are very LARGE sandwiches. Usually a wait and no seating inside. It's best eaten right when u get it so people stand outside on the sidewalk eating. 

 Brenda's French Soul Food

Picture: Catfish Eggs Benedict
Thoughts: Best eggs benedict I've had. The catfish is deep fried so there's a crunch, and it's on a biscuit instead of a english muffin, which makes it fluffly and flaky with every bite. 

Picture: Shrimp & Grits
Thoughts: My first time trying shrimp and grits, and boy it was GOOOOOD!!! Perfect combo of grits and cheese, and the shrimps were covered in a  cajun sauce and added flavor to each bite. 
Picture: Beignet
 Thoughts: They have plain, chocolate, and crayfish. The best one was crayfish

Cha Cha Cha- San Francisco (Haight St.)
Caribbean & Cuban Tapas

Picture: Fried New Potatoes
Thoughts: The sauce is rich and creamy with a kick to it...I really like the sauce! 

Picture: Cajun Chicken 
Thoughts: YUMMY!!! Shrimp in creamy spicy sauce...It's actually surprisingly spicy. Great for dipping bread in!

Picture: Seafood Paella
Thoughts: Sauce was good and the seafood was fresh! 

Picture: Sangria
Thoughts: Must try!! Love it! and they give you a lot of fruit.

(cute breakfast spot...usually a line) 

Picture: regular french toast with berries
Thoughts: original fluffy french toast with yummy fresh fruit

Picture: Crabs Benedict
Thoughts: very very gooood!

Golden Island Cafe
Picture: Fresh Fruit Sago and Coconut Milk 
Thoughts: not a lot of people know what Sago is, but it's a chinese dessert with little clear tapioca mixed with fruit and usually coconut milk. 

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