Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Other Nor-Cal Eats

San Jose's Boiling Crab
(Cajun Creole/Seafood)

Picture: Crawfish (above) and Shrimp (below) with corn in Sha-Bang sauce 
Thoughts: I like the shrimp better. The sha-bang sauce makes this amazing, a little spicy and full of garlic flavor. Prepare to get your fingers dirty, but so sooo worth it! Their sweet potato fries here are good too!

SGD Tofu House
(El Camino in Santa Clara)
Picture: Mushroom Tofu Soup (medium spicy) 
Thoughts: THE BEST TOFU HOUSE!!! I think it beats BCD in socal. The tofu soups just taste better and the owner is the nicest korean man ever! We come here everytime we have family from korea visiting and they agree that it's better than tofu places they've tried in korea.

Picture: Squid Rice Cake dish (nak-ji dduk boki)
Thoughts: This is a new edition to their menu but it was soooo goooood!! The flavor of the red sauce is perfect and a little sweet. The only thing is the squid pieces are pretty chunky, but sharing this plate and the tofu was such a great korean dinner!!

Moss Landing's Phil's Fish Market & Fishery
(Bobby Fly's Throwdown)

Picture: Cioppino (what bobby flay challenged...and he lost)
Thoughts: For fresh fresh seafood lovers and the soup is very flavorful with a little kick.

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