Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Suji- Ko da ri naeng-myun
Picture: cold buckwheat noodles with spicy marinated dried fish 
Thoughts: this is my favorite outing food and can't find this anywhere else!! 

Suji- duck stone grill 
Picture: grilling spicy marinated duck, pork, and beef on a stone grill 
Thoughts: everything is just so delicious.........

Picture: korean style-always cook rice at the end 

Itaewon's infamous Chadol restaurant
Picture: hole in the wall restaurant that serves old school style beef on the grill, this restaurant has been here for a really long time!
Thoughts: love the hole in the walls! the chadol is very tender and yummy!

Picture: kimchi fried rice after 

Han-Jung Shik
Picture: can't remember the name of the restaurant, but hang jung shik is having a TON of side dishes that fill up the whole table as you can see. 
Thoughts: everything was GREAT!! 

Picture: Galbi Chim
Thoughts: BOMB

Coffine Gurunaru

Picture: Honey Cinnamon Toast dessert
Thoughts: spent alot of time with my cousins at coffee shops =]

 Picture: Seafood Dduk-bokki

Picture: Chain shabu-shabu restaurant
Thoughts: come here often because the broth is spicy and they give you dumplings, rice cakes, and even noodles to add in to the broth. 

Bong-Chun-Dong's egg kim bap

Picture: little kim bap covered in egg with spicy dried radish on the side
Thoughts: this little hole in the wall got famous many years ago from this korean grandma starting it in her little kitchen. It's so simple, but for some reason no other egg kim bap can compare!!

Bong-chun-dong sam gae tang
Picture: whole chicken cooked in a soup like porridge
Thoughts: always feel so refreshed and energized after eating this =]

 Some bar in apkujongdong
Picture: cheese korean pancake 
Thoughts: i was in heaven....

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