Wednesday, October 26, 2011

San Diego

Roberto's Taco Shop
Picture: Chorizo Breakfast Burrito with frenchfries, egg, and cheese.
Thoughts: San Diego has THE BEST MEXICAN FOOD!!!!!!!!!! And there's so many places to go too, but we randomly went to this taco shop that looks like a drive thru in PB and it was so good that we came back here twice! 

 Picture: Carne Asada Fries
Thoughts: This is how carne asada fries should be!!! None of that fake nacho cheese!!!

 Hash House A Go Go
Picture: Fried Chicken Egg Benedict
Thoughts: ok you can't tell by the picture, but this was HUGE! All their dishes are probably 3x the food of a normal dish. Their pancakes could feed like 5 people, but they charge you if your gonna share one dish, which is kind of lame. But the food was sure delicious and usually always a wait! 


Picture: Loco Moco
Thoughts: So my friend did NOT want to take me here because it's basically a fast food chain mainly for tourists, but hey u can't go wrong with loco moco!

Dole Plantation
Picture: fresh sliced coconut
Thoughts: great snack on our way to Waimea Beach

Uncle Bo's
Picture: Boca Roca- cheese breadsticks with sauteed mushrooms in a creamy sauce
Thoughts: YUUUM!!! Uncle Bo's has the best food =]

Picture: Dynamite Shrimp
Thoughts: Can't tell by the picture, but this is my favorite dish at Uncle Bo's. It's encrusted shrimp in a spicy cream sauce. 

Picture: Veggie Pizza
Thoughts: They have sucha variety and even their pizza is delishhh!

I'm biased because my friend works at Uncle Bo's, but seriously the food is amazing!!! And the service is outstanding! The owner Ho-Suk runs the best customer service in Oahu and he's very passionate about the quality and taste of the food. Great spot to grab a drink as well!

Ono Hawaiian Food

Picture: A variety of traditional hawaiian dishes
Thoughts: It was very different, but def loved the chicken lau lau and haupia 

 Picture: Chicken Lau Lau-chicken wrapped in luau leaves
Thoughts- The chicken was very soft and juicy, and was not a fan of the purple taro stuff in the background (forgot what it's called). 

 Leonard's Bakery

Picture: Malasadas
Thoughts: This place is very popular and famous. Known for their malasadas, which are like deep fried donuts coated with sugar. They come in different fillings as well like custard, chocolate, coconut, and etc. The custard one is the best!

Soul de Cuba Cafe

Picture: Appetizer plate of Samosa
Thoughts: this place was sooo delicious! I liked everything we ordered!!

Picture: After beach snack at Costco- spicy ahi sushi with a side of fresh wasabi tuna. 
Thoughts: honestly the best food I ate in hawaii has got to be the freshhhh AHI tuna!! U can basically get it at costco or even safeway by weight. And they usually have it in wasabi, shoyu (soy sauce), or plain. The tuna is super fresh and melts in your mouth! 


Sunday, October 23, 2011

I heart NY

Ippudo NY- East Village

Picture: Karaka Miso Ramen
Thoughts: The texture of the noodles were perfect...soft but yet chewy. The flavor of the soup was delicious with a slight kick, but added some more spicy powder for me =].

Picture: Pork Buns
Thoughts: Must Try!!

 Kenka- East Village

Picture: Okonomiyaki
Thoughts: Japanese style pancakes with seafood and vegetables. Fish flakes on top and a mayo kind of sauce. It was very tasty! Great to snack on with beer. This was a fun spot to drink and eat yakitori. $8 Sapporo and Kirin pitchers. 

 Picture: cotton candy after!
Thoughts: And they give you a small cup of cotton candy powder so you can make your own after your dinner!!

Joe's Shanghai- Chinatown

Picture: Pork and Crab soup dumplings 
Thoughts: OMG!!! I'm craving this right now actually....the dumplings are bigger than the soup dumplings I've had before and the meat and soup inside is so flavorful!

Prosperity Dumplings- Chinatown

Picture: 5 for $1 Pork and Chive Dumplings
Thoughts: it's only $1!! And they were sooo yummy! The place is small, but you can sit on stools to the side where they have soy sauce and sriracha. 

Grimaldi's- Brooklyn Bridge area

Picture: Basil, mozzarella, mushroom, and sun dried tomatoes.
Thoughts:  Mmm the dough was crispy, but yet chewy. The mozzarella was so fresh and perfectly melted. My friends and I agreed that we wished the sauce was a little sweeter. 

Las Ramblas- Spanish Tapas
West Village
Picture: Lamb Chops with taro mashed potatoes
Thoughts: I don't even like lamb that much, and I really liked this dish! The pork was very juicy and not too gamey. Lots of flavor!

Picture: Patatas Bravas
Thoughts: Yum!!

Picture: Stuffed Pumpkin Special 
Thoughts: This was all our favorite!! The picture quality didn't turn out so well, but it was a sweet thick kind of soup (tasted a little bit of coconut as well) and we dipped bread into it. And then you can eat the roasted pumpkin on the edge like a bread bowl. We also had sangria here and it was amazing!! Loved the restaurant!

53rd and 6th ave Halal chicken cart-Times Square

 Picture: chicken bowl 
Thoughts: I think people come to NY for this! it's so delicious, but BEWARE of the hot read sauce!! You really need only a few drops of it. Love the white sauce! And usually always a line... i think it's open from like 4 pm-5am or something like that. 

Shake Shack-Flatiron

Picture: Shack Stack
Thoughts: Ummm sooooo gooood!! The mushroom is fried and then filled with cheese and on top of that you have their delicious meat patty.

Picture: Regular Double 
Thoughts: We were told to try this as well because their beef is amazing. And even though I liked the shake stack alot...their regular beef is sooo delicious! The meat is pretty thick, but is actually soft and juicy and cooked just right!

Kuma Inn- Filipino Tapas
Lower East Village

Picture: Tuna Tartare
Thoughts: Very delicious! Just wish there was more of it!

Picture: Chinese Sausage dish
Thoughts: Wasn't too excited about ordering this dish, but SOOO glad we did because it's very tasty and different then your ordinary chinese sauce dish. The onions are caramelized so it gives the sausage a sweet flavor. A must try!

Picture: Scallops
Thoughts: cooked perfectly and the sauce was yummy. 
I really liked this restaurant! It's more like a fusion restaurant with a variety of tapas. The place is really small...maybe 6 tables or so? But food was amazing!

Tartine-West Village
Picture: Norweigen Benedict with salmon, poached egg, and hollandaise sauce
Thoughts: The salmon was not fishy and the sauce was very good. The potatoes were also cooked well and tasty!

Picture: Chicken Sandwich on Foccacia bread
Thoughts: Simple, but they made it so delicious! Everything on their menu looked amazing! I think it's also a byob place so people brought in champagne for mimosas. 

 Buttercup Bake Shop-midtown
Picture: Red Velvet Cupcake
Thoughts: Tried this bakery because it was around the corner from our friends place. It's a cute little bakery and their cakes look amazing! I really liked the frosting, but the cake part could have been a little more moist. But I still enjoyed it =]

Katz's Deli- Lower East Side
Picture: Pastrami Sandwich
Thoughts: Meat is so juicy and tender! the mustard makes it even better. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

So-Cal Eats

El Taurino- Los Angeles, CA
Picture: Carne Asada Tacos with their special red sauce
Thoughts: My FAVORITE LA mexican place. The tacos just melt in your mouth and the red sauce burns your mouth, but it is so addicting and you can't get that anywhere else! They are open until 5:30 am so everybody goes there after drinking and is usually very busy. Everything else on their menu (tortas, burritos, sopes) are all good!

Milk-Los Angeles, CA
 Picture: Blue Velvet Cake
Thoughts: MILK was featured in Cupcake Wars. I wasn't a fan of their red velvet cupcake, but their blue velvet cake was not anything like I've tried before. Had real blueberries inside and the cake was moist. Frosting was a little too sweet. 

Ham Ji Park- Koreatown Los Angeles, CA
Picture: Spicy Pork Spare Ribs
Thoughts: BOMB!!

Picture: Pork Soup with Potatoes
Thoughts: Many people come here just for this dish. The meat basically slides off the bone and soup is spicy with the potatoes giving it a thicker consistency. Goes sooo well with rice!!

Cafe Village-Koreatown LA
Picture: Mega Dduk-Bokki
Thoughts: OMG BEST DDUK BOKKI in LA!! So you have to order the mega one because it comes with udon noodles, veggies, dduk, sausage, and then topped with white mozzarella cheese. The sauce is perfect!! But everything else there is ehh and coffee is overpriced like all other koreatown cafes. 

Porto's Bakery- Glendale, CA
Picture: Cakes 
Thoughts: This cuban bakery is ALWAYS busy!! 

Picture: Porto's infamous Cheese Rolls
Thoughts: They have THE best cheese rolls that have a light cream cheese kind of filling, but they're perfectly flakey on the outside, but fluffy in the inside. Could seriously eat like 10 because they're pretty small and tastes so amazing! 

 Urth Cafe-Downtown LA
Picture: Green Latte & Spanish Latte
Thoughts: I love this place! I mean the food is kind of whatever...but their latte's are amazing and it's a hip place to go for lunch. They have outdoor seating which is always nice. And I saw Rob Dyrdek here! haha. 

Bouttega Louie- Downtown LA
 Picture: Prosciutto Pizza
Thoughts: This NY style restaurant is super busy! It's an Italian restaurant that serves pizza and tapa-style dishes. All the hosts, servers, and bussers are all beautiful and mostly male! They have fun mojitos and special cocktails. 

Picture: macaroons
Thoughts: they also have a small bakery section with different flavored cute macaroons. A little pricey, but they're so cuuute and they put it in a box for you with ribbon. 


Picture: Crepe and Waffle
Thoughts: delicious!!! Came across this place randomly and it's a cafe that serves desserts. They have various waffle and toppings with icescream and different assortment of dessert crepes. 

Honda Ya-Tustin, CA
Picture: Spicy Tuna Rice Cakes
Thoughts: I love this dish. Very simple, but so yummy...they have rice cake patties that they slightly fry so it's crunchy and just top it with spicy tuna, sauce, and avacado.

 Picture: Various Yakitori
Thoughts: This place is very good and always packed! Good place to eat finger foods and drink sake with friends. 

Memphis Cafe-Costa Mesa, CA
Picture: Catfish Sandwich
Thoughts: the fish is cooked very well and has a lot of flavor...really liked this sandwich!! Plus they give you yummy cornbread before your meal.

Milk & Honey-Costa Mesa
Picture: Passionfruit shaved ice with frozen yogurt at bottom topped with fruit.
Thoughts: Right across the street from memphis cafe is a small cafe called milk & honey. They serve various froyo mixes, which u can choose the flavor of the shaved ice! Lattes were good here as well.

85 degrees Bakery-Irvine, CA
Picture: Rose Bun
Thoughts: If you don't try this bakery, then your missing out on LIFE!!!! Best bakery everrrr!!! Always a line out the door, but goes by fast. They constantly bring out different kinds of bread and pastries throughout the whole day. They have many different cakes and drinks as well. This is one of my favorite buns because it's big and flakey, but so soft and fluffy inside and there's light cheese filling. 

Picture: Taro Bun
Thoughts: This is one of my favorites also because it's soooo soft and yummy with purple swirls all over!!

 Susie Cakes- Newport Beach, CA
Picture: red velvet cake
Thoughts: My sister and I are always on a hunt for the best red velvet cake! We still think sprinkles has the best red velvet cupcake, but susie cakes has THE BEST RED VELVET CAKE. Perfectly moist cake and the frosting was not too sweet or too cream-cheesy.