Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Chicago Must Try Eats

Gino's East Pizzeria

Picture: Veggie Combo Pizza
Thoughts: I've tried Giordanos and Pizzeria Uno...I'd have to say I'm not a big fan of chicago pizza but I preferred Gino's East over the others. 

Hot Doug's 
(Was on Food Network)

 Picture: Apple Chicken Hot Dog with Cheese stuffed Green Chile
Thoughts: the combos of hot dogs here are just amazing and change weekly!!

Picture: Jalepeno Chedder Hot Dog with Jalapeno Bacon, mayonaise, and pinto beans
Thoughts: DELISHHH!! with a spicy kick! 

Picture: Foie Gras hot dog
Thoughts: I was skeptical in trying it at first, but the foie gras (duck liver fat) is more like a spread on the hot dog and is probably the best tasting one there!!

Kuma's Corner
Picture: Megadeth: chorizo and red potato hash, pico de gallo, cayenne avocado cream, tortilla strips
Thoughts: BEST burgers in Chicago-sometimes the wait on weekends can be up to 3 hours. 

Frontera Grill
(Top Chef Masters Rick Bayless's Restaurant) 
 Picture: Pato en Tlatonile-wood grilled gunthorp duck breast
Thoughts: Very tender and juicy! 

Picture: Friend's Enchiladas 

Picture: Enchiladas de Mole Poblano
Thoughts: infamous mole sauce was very delicious and had a sweet taste to it. Chicken was tasty and the black beans were cooked perfect! 

 Picture: Frontera Margarita 
Thoughts: Best margarita I've had 

Girl & The Goat
(Top Chef winner Stephanie Izard's restaurant)
Picture: Wood Oven Roasted Pig Face with sunny side up Egg
Thoughts: Was tender, but quite salty.

Picture: Chickpea Fritters
Thoughts: Softly deep fried eggplant with mozzarella cheese and crispy flavored chick peas.
Probably my favorite dish here.

 Picture: Green Beans
Thoughts: too too salty

Picture: Lamb stuffed fried calamari
Thoughts: interesting concept, but again was too too salty!!

I don't know if we ordered the wrong things or if we went on a bad day, but everything tasted way TOO SALTY!

Picture: Tuna-peppercorn crusted yellowfin tuna seared rare, spinach, shiitake mushrooms, garlic mashed potato in red wine syrup. 
Thoughts: Tuna was cooked perfectly, the vegetables were tasteful and was cooked perfectly, and the mashed potatoes at the very bottom was even delicious. 

Picture: Veal 
Thoughts: I never thought I'd try veal, but omg...this was sooo juicy and tasty with so much flavor!!! highly recommend it! Expensive, but worth it. 

(BEST breakfast & brunch)

Picture: Pumpkin French Toast
Thoughts: It's basically breakfast dessert. Filled with a frosting-like cream cheese and topped with cinnamon and sugar coated apples. 

Picture: Red Velvet French Toast
Thoughts: speechless. 

 Picture: Eggs Benedict
Thoughts: They've won awards for the best eggs benedict. 

Yolk is my favorite breakfast spot and I continue to come here all the time =]

Molly's Cupcakes
(must try!!)
Picture (Right to Left): Cake Batter, Peach Cobbler, Red Velvet, and Blueberry Cheesecake
Thoughts: I fell in love with the blueberry cheesecake cupcake. I've had better red velvet, but the other 2 were scrumptious as well! They have so many different kinds of cupcakes and changes daily! 

 Cafe Ba-ba-Reeba (tapas)

Picture: Spicy Potatoes with tomato aoli sauce
ThoughtsYummy and tasteful!!

 Picture: Pacific shrimp, sea scallops, green beans, and cherry tomatoes Paella
Thoughts: BEST PAELLA ever!! Very very tasty and rice is cooked perfectly. They've won awards for their paella dishes.

Picture: Chicken kebab 
Thoughts: it was good, but nothing amazing. 

Picture: Passionfruit Sangria
Thoughts: Yummy! all their sangria is delicious and have fresh fruit in them. 

Cafe ba-ba reeba is one of my favorite restaurants in Chicago. 

Purple Pig 

Picture: Fried Pig Ear
Thoughts: tasted like chips and presentation was nice, but nothing extraordinary. 

What: scallops
Thoughtsvery tasty, probably the best thing we tried there. 

Picture: Bone Marrow Spread
Thoughts: Had to try it because it comes in the actually bones, but it just tasted like gelatinous oil with no flavor that you put on bread. 

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