Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Picture: Loco Moco
Thoughts: So my friend did NOT want to take me here because it's basically a fast food chain mainly for tourists, but hey u can't go wrong with loco moco!

Dole Plantation
Picture: fresh sliced coconut
Thoughts: great snack on our way to Waimea Beach

Uncle Bo's
Picture: Boca Roca- cheese breadsticks with sauteed mushrooms in a creamy sauce
Thoughts: YUUUM!!! Uncle Bo's has the best food =]

Picture: Dynamite Shrimp
Thoughts: Can't tell by the picture, but this is my favorite dish at Uncle Bo's. It's encrusted shrimp in a spicy cream sauce. 

Picture: Veggie Pizza
Thoughts: They have sucha variety and even their pizza is delishhh!

I'm biased because my friend works at Uncle Bo's, but seriously the food is amazing!!! And the service is outstanding! The owner Ho-Suk runs the best customer service in Oahu and he's very passionate about the quality and taste of the food. Great spot to grab a drink as well!

Ono Hawaiian Food

Picture: A variety of traditional hawaiian dishes
Thoughts: It was very different, but def loved the chicken lau lau and haupia 

 Picture: Chicken Lau Lau-chicken wrapped in luau leaves
Thoughts- The chicken was very soft and juicy, and was not a fan of the purple taro stuff in the background (forgot what it's called). 

 Leonard's Bakery

Picture: Malasadas
Thoughts: This place is very popular and famous. Known for their malasadas, which are like deep fried donuts coated with sugar. They come in different fillings as well like custard, chocolate, coconut, and etc. The custard one is the best!

Soul de Cuba Cafe

Picture: Appetizer plate of Samosa
Thoughts: this place was sooo delicious! I liked everything we ordered!!

Picture: After beach snack at Costco- spicy ahi sushi with a side of fresh wasabi tuna. 
Thoughts: honestly the best food I ate in hawaii has got to be the freshhhh AHI tuna!! U can basically get it at costco or even safeway by weight. And they usually have it in wasabi, shoyu (soy sauce), or plain. The tuna is super fresh and melts in your mouth! 

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